Airpod Charger Case

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2 min readJan 29, 2021


best airpod charger cases

The Airpod charger case is the best accessory you can ever have. But it comes from Apple at a very high price you might say and it’s just a case and not worthy for me? Well think about it again because it might come out to be the most handy accessory you would ever have.

Before Apple released the Airpod 2 which was not different from Airpod 1 in terms of design they also introduced a new wireless charging case that you slide your Airpod Case in and bom wireless charging. But before Apple did that there was another company who developed the same. Their product is cheaper and gets the job done. This was also before Apple released so hands up.

The name of the item is NeotrixQI A5-W. It’s a case that will fit your Airpod case in them and allow for wireless charging capability. This is a chinese company that has designed under 30$ charging cases. It works out well , the fitment is ok on the Airpods both first and second generation. It’s made out of silicone and compared to the Apple wireless charging case it does not feel as premium. Of course the price of the Apple wireless charging Airpod case is more than twice the price of Neotrix.

This case also works out as a layer of protection to your Airpod case. It’s made out of silicone and that makes for the cases not to be as slippery as they are. Also if you try to keep out of scratches it will be a case of choice. For 30$ you can’t beat it .

Second item on the list is called PowerPod, the same thing as NeotrixQI but we could find any on sale.

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