Best Leather Cases In 2021

AA Accessory
2 min readFeb 12, 2021

Best leather cases are a must have accessory for any phone. Many popular brands use leather as the material to protect the smartphones. Some brands use real leather 100% genuine and some others use fabricated leather which causes less pollution to the environment. The good thing about having a leather case is that it will be the same for many years and it will serve your grandchildren if you take good care of it.

Does it hurt the environment?

Leather is usually extracted from animal skins and after fabrication people use it to create designer products like fashion bags or boots. On the other hand you can have materials that get you to feel like it is real leather while it is not.

Why should I use a leather case?

Not much further said I have concluded that using a leather case will be very fashionable and stylish , provide good protection and also last a long time. The best ones you can ever find are famous brands like Otter, Apple themselves, Mujjo and many others. These cases are usually a combo case like a wallet case or a cardholder case.

Find the review of AA accessory about the best cardholder cases you can find for 2021. The thing about listing the best leather case is not as much of an easy question as many might think. Take in consideration that rare models like Budgets LG smartphones of 2021 or Huawei smartphones might not be as popular as an iPhone leather case.

With that said here are the best iPhone leather case you can find:

  1. SnakeHive Luxury iPhone
  2. Mujjo Full Leather Wallet Case
  3. Apple Leather Case
  4. Nomad Rugged Case
  5. OtterBox Strada Series

Apple VS SnakeHive

Apple makes a really premium quality leather case but if you would compare that with the SnakeHive leather case I would pick the SnakeHive better. That is because the Apple leather case is a little too stiff compared to the SnakeHive. Secondly the SnakeHive leather case is much more functional and can be used as a wallet to store cards and cash.

Nomad Rugged Case vs Otterbox Strada Series

Nomad cases are built for any situation and will provide a very good protection against drops , compared to Otterbox Strada Series both are very good in the aspect of dropping and scratch resistance.

Mujjo Full Leather Case

The leather wallet case for the iPhone features a leather card pocket to slide in your valuable cards. The leather case has got the best design in my opinion and it is the best value for money leather case you can find.Touching the buttons feels like there is no case at all but all the feel to the touch is so smooth and the drop resistance is great.