Thin Phone Cases

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5 min readMar 3, 2021

There are always 2 types of people, the ones who protect their phones and the ones that do not protect their phones. If you are the second type then you should keep reading this article. But even though you like to keep your phone protected, you find phone cases as a drag because they are too thick and they are just uncomfortable.

Lucky for us there exist even Thin Phone Cases. Having a Thin Phone Case has so many pros, for example, you won’t feel that little extra weight, it’s pocket friendly, and offers the same protective feature as any other case. Let me provide you with some of the best brands from which you can buy your Thin Phone Case, just continue reading the article below.

Reasons why you should get a case.

If you are still wondering if you should get yourself a case or not, the answer is definitely a Yes. Why is that? Well that’s obvious, isn’t it? The case literally protects your phone from every small damage that can happen. For example, it can fall from your hand or maybe it can slip from the table, can get scratched or it can fall into the water. You should get yourself a case that fits your needs. Maybe you like diving so the best solution is a water-proof case, or maybe you like hiking so the best solution is a military-grade shock-proof case. If you are looking for something less extreme, for something more pocket friendly than the thin cases are perfect, they are sprocket friendly, anti-slippery and you won’t feel that little extra weight compared to another case.

Why choose a Thin Phone Case.

So there are people who want to keep their smartphones well protected but they don’t really like the little extra weight of the case. The solution to that is to get yourself an ultra-thin case. The thin cases are the perfect way to keep your phone well protected in the most reassuring way. You can preserve the original look of your smartphone without adding any extra bulk, functionality, and form.

Thin Phone Cases can be found in a large variety of materials, designed to fit best to your needs. For example, plastic transparent cases serve best to those who don’t want to cover the original look of their smartphone, but they don’t really protect your smartphone as much as silicone or rubber cases which are shock-absorbent. When it comes to protection, the carbon fiber or aramid fiber cases provide the best protection for your smartphone due to the shock-absorbent material which they are made of.

Best Brands

  1. Otterbox

Otterbox is well known for its thin, stylish, protective cases. With many years of experience in the market, Otterbox has provided its buyers with the best cases with the best features and with a very wide list of cases for almost every smartphone in the market. Do not hesitate to check their page, just click here.

  1. Spigen

Spigen Inc was founded in 2004, and since then has made a great impact in the market. It’s a South Korean company based in the U.S that doesn’t only make high-valued cases but even screen protectors and many more phone accessories that will serve best to the buyer. It has a very wide list of cases for many different brands of smartphones, so go take a look at their page, just click here.

  1. Wildflower

Wildflower was founded in 2012, and let me tell you that the Wildflower Cases are really a must-buy accessory. It is well known for its unique design and compatible prices. One thing that makes this company special is that they collaborate with many well-known figures, and get special and unique ideas. If you don’t believe me just go check their page, just click here.

  1. Mouse

Mouse is a brand you can trust when it comes to cases. The goal of this company was to provide the buyers with a thin case that is both beautifully crafted and extremely protective. Now we can say that they made it possible. What makes this brand special is that they tested the cases in front of large crowds, on real phones and the outcoming was astonishing. You can find more about the mouse cases, just click here.

Best iPhone Thin Cases

  1. iPhone 12 Pro Max Otter + Pop Symmetry

Protect your phone with the Otter + Pop Symmetry Series Build Your Own case featuring an integrated PopSockets® PopGrip™. Every case includes a matching PopTop plus an additional PopTop of your choice so you can switch your style and change up your look in a flash.

  1. Spigen Ultra Ultra Slim Case for iPhone 12 Pro Max Case (2020)

This case is made to stay fit and to guard your iPhone 12 Pro Max against everyday bumps. It’s very lightweight and slim, the Thin Fit has been a long-time favorite for its got-nothing-on type of look.

  1. Wildflower Limited Edition Cases Compatible with iPhone 11 Pro Max

This case is sculptured in a way to precisely fit your iPhone 11 Pro Max. Allows easy access to all buttons, sculptured with openings for the cameras and charging port. Made of durable protective rubber material to add all-around protection from those dreaded phone drops.

  1. Mouse Limitless 2.0 iPhone XR case

The Limitless 2.0 is made from polycarbonate and TBU which makes it very durable against drops. Compatible with Qi-certified wireless chargers and the best thing is that it comes with a Limited Life-Time warranty.


If you don’t like how the cases look on your phone or how much bulk they add to your phone then I highly recommend getting one of these Thin Phone Cases. What can go wrong? If you won’t like it then you can just get it off.

FAQ about Thin Phone Cases.

Q. Do Thin Phone Cases offer the same protection as any other case?

A: Thin Phone Cases have many features and they do protect your phone well without adding much bulk, regardlessly they are not the best protective cases.

Q. Which case is the thinnest?

A: The thinnest phone case until now is the Totallee Case. It’s almost 0.02 inches thick and it literally feels like there is nothing on your phone.

Q. Which material is best for a thin case?

A: When talking about thin cases material then the polycarbonate definitely is better than the others. Polycarbonate is a durable material, has high impact-resistance, is strong, and will hold up longer to extreme temperatures than any other material.