Wireless Charging iPhone 7 & iPhone 8

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2 min readJan 31, 2021
best Wireless Charging for your iPhone

Wireless charging iPhone 7& iPhone 8 is not something that comes from the Apple factory. In this article you will find the way to add wireless charging capabilities to your iPhone 7 or iPhone 8. The technology behind wireless charging might sound a little too difficult to understand but it’s not. Firstly you need to understand that wirelessly chargeable devices work under the technology of QI.

QI will be a mini “accessory” to your smartphone circuit that will be able to catch the radiation of energy released from the charging dock. In simple words it will do the cable job , but wire free. The thing with wireless charging nowadays is that it is not as fast as wired USB charging.

Firstly for you to add wireless charging to your phone you will need to buy a QI adapter, connect the base end to the charging port and fold the rest at the back of your device. In our review article we have concluded which cases to use for better performance because using it without a case would cause estetical issues. Use thin cases so that wireless charging works better. Secondly you will never have a wireless charging pad to allow for wireless charging capabilities. If you do this upgrade you can also take advantage of using wireless charger phone holders on your car as well.

If you buy this wireless charging adapter for your iPhone 7 or iPhone 8 you don’t have to be worried about battery life as the product has been tested before release. The charging speed will not be the fastest because of the downside of using wireless charging. You would also be losing your comfort of using the iPhone when it goes out of battery. Using a cabled connection you could still watch your favorite Netflix movies but since the connection is wireless you wireless charging iPhone 7 will need to be on top of the wireless charging pad in order to be in charge. On the other hand using a cabled connection will set you free because the cable is long enough.

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